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Mindgentrix Technologies is Technology Intensive start-up firm. For the last couple years Mindgentrix has silently but successfully been working on many frontier technologies viz., Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning applications. Its strategies are to acquire a share of the humongous Unstructured Data goldmine that lay all around. It has also harnessed the great Search Engine power by Lucene into Business applications. Its capabilities in Rule Engine using JBoss Drools dates back to the time when Drools was just building up. Mindgentrix has built a Reporting System that powers the Sarda Plywood's huge analytics demand. It has capability in harnessing the MDX Mondrian power in building Business Analytics although it has plan to move towards Cassendra.
For years it has worked on building the D2K to Java compiler on Antlr with having seen so many pitfalls downstream and finally building a great product.
Now it is earnestly working on a Model Driven Architecture that will built Business applications... on its own. On earlier years it has deployed many successful projects viz., Document Management System, Legacy data conversion systems be it from Oracle Forms to Java or Foxbase to Java. It lays the greatest emphasis on building mathematical models for problem solutions that is the reason why its solutions although takes a bit longer to build yet becomes very robust when deployed.
Mindgentrix's area of work includes building workable models of Text Analytics and Machine Learning.Text Analytics domain encompasses Natural Language Processing tools NLTK, StandfordNLP (CoreNLP), OpenNLP and Apache UIMA framework. The key NLP programming artifact required are: POS Tagging, Phrasal identification using Parse Tree, Relations Mapping/Extraction, Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Co-referencing. Usual techniques of Lemmatization and Stemming is also used.
Linguistics play a big role, so open thesauruses like WordNet and ConceptNet5 (MIT) are extensively used. WordNet provides Synonyms, Antonyms, Hyponyms, Hypernyms, Meronyms, Holonyms among others which aids in deeper linguistic analyses. ConceptNet5 provides the Semantic linkages and common usage which build a generally accepted meaning.
In the Deep Learning domain, we uses Tensorflow framework. Even before the deep learning period, we have worked with variations of Artificial Neural Nets. We have some experience with Apache Mahout (Hadoop ML library).
We conducts corporate course on Python. This is primarily targeted at developers who are expected to work on analytics projects.

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